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Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Look at Some Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference with commercial office furniture?

Commercial office furniture is more durable than office furniture you might find at major office equipment chains and provides a better return on your investment. Commercial office furniture uses thicker steel, higher grade fabrics, and durable construction. Lower grade products will break or can’t be moved or reconfigured without high risk of damage to the product. While length of use will vary depending on your use, generally you can expect to get over ten years of effective use from commercial grade office furniture, versus 3-5 years for lower grades.

How much can I save buying used or like-new office furniture?

You can expect to save approximately 50% of new dealer pricing.

What condition can I expect from as-is/like-new?

OfficeWorks has access to the highest quality used furniture available in the United States. Our staff reviews the condition of the product before your purchase, so you’ll understand and will know what to expect when the product is delivered. All OfficeWorks product, whether refurbished or as-is/like-new, is cleaned prior to installation at your location.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Unlike new office furniture orders that can expect a 10-16 week lead time, re-manufactured and like-new furniture can be delivered to you almost immediately. Expect the entire process from selection to installation will take from 2 to 4 weeks. Our commitment to our clients ensures that they’re always fully informed of their project status. For special cases, we can often deliver used furniture within a few days of your call.

Can OfficeWorks handle a large project? We need 250 workstations installed.

With over 25 years of experience in the business, OfficeWorks has installed and managed projects as large as 500 workstations.

How do I know what I’m getting?

Our clients rely on our industry experience. For large projects, we will often travel to view office system inventories. If we know you’re looking, we can take digital photographs of potential inventories and email them to you.

Can OfficeWorks help me get rid of my old furniture and office systems?

OfficeWorks provides a number of services to help you maximize return with your current inventory. We offer storage and inventory of excess furniture, purchasing/buyback programs, trade-in programs and brokerage services.

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