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As businesses grow, managing workspaces for new employees can become a challenge. We want to ensure that the new workspace fosters the type of growth and team environment that is conducive to our organization’s success while providing comfort and support for our new team members. The current trends in office design are a modern look with communal environment that supports collaboration. Here are some of our tips for managing your growing team and facility.

  • Open workstations. With greater collaboration, team members need more open and flowing spaces to allow for different teams to work together in the same environment. These open workstations are perfect for a high-growth environment that requires fast-thinking collaborative teams. Whiteboards provide opportunities to share ideas.
  • Office hoteling. Hoteling is a new method of providing workspace that is not permanent. With open and collaborative spaces, sometimes employees need to hunker down in a private space that allows for quiet, focused work to be completed. Hoteling allows for private workspace without permanence. It prevents team members from collecting files or overwhelming space with clutter, and it allows for greater flexibility and mobility.
  • Used furniture and modern layouts. With the trend towards refurbished office furniture, you can rehabilitate old furniture systems, giving them a fresh modern look in a more progressive layout. The modern trend is minimalist layout and open cubicle systems. Older cubicle systems can be rearranged to provide this look and layout, showing your team and clients that you are a progressive organization keeping pace with the fast-paced trends of the future.

All offices have a different culture, and all businesses have their own goals and personality you’d like to communicate. What works for one office may not work for another.

We have a unique selection of refurbished office furniture that fits any budget. And if you’d like to inspire employees and clients, our design team can create an office environment that sets the stage for success.