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Panel Heights Examples

Low Panels (No Privacy)

Very low panels (30″ to 42″) provide no privacy and are specified when communication among associates is encouraged or required. Very low panels are also useful in facilitating supervision.

Mid Panels (Seated Privacy)

The next taller height of panels, called “seated privacy” panel heights (42″ to 53″) provide as the name indicates, some degree of visual privacy when seated among other who are seated. This application typically is used in environments were some privacy is useful, but were some communication, interaction, or occasional supervision is helpful. Beginning at the 48″ height some advantage can be made of vertical storage on the panels.

High Panels (Standing Privacy)

Thirdly there is what is know as “standing privacy” panel heights (53″- 70″) that afford general visual privacy to those workstation even when others are standing. Full use can be made of overhead storage in this range.

Full Ceiling Height Panels (Full Privacy including Sound)

Finally, though rare, there are panel heights known as “private office” and “demountable wall” (70″ to full ceiling heights) that afford even more visual privacy and significant sound privacy.

Combination Panel Heights

It is also common to do a combination of taller and lower panels for a mix of the positives of two heights.