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OfficeWorks Planning Services

We create an overall design concept and image for your company. Looking to solve functional and aesthetic requirements through integration of all elements of your interior environment such as: furniture, architectural materials and room finishes, color, lighting, interior detailing, window treatments, accessories, plants and artwork. We then prepare a detailed budget for your review and approval.

Interior Master Planning

When providing the services of interior master planning we will prepare an overall design concept in accordance with your budget and long term goals which has the flexibility to be implemented in phases, either by floor, by wing, or department, or over several months or years. Through the use of an interior master plan we can ensure a consistent design image for projects undertaken over an extended period of time, while simplifying purchasing.

Furniture Lines

Our goal and commitment is to understand your expectations and to implement a process that will allow us to communicate effectively so your project can be completed in a timely and accurate manner. Communication will be accomplished through daily in-person, phone, voice mail, or email communications, as well as follow-up written communications as necessary.

Space Plan

By simply reviewing the organization of your company we can determine the most efficient and functional use of space. We analyze the interaction between departments and the employees. By space planning we can develop a more efficient traffic flow as well as effective communication and organization for your business, which will enhance the work environment to encourage productivity. Finally we provide CAD furniture layouts based on your requirements showing furniture types and locations, as well as an inventory list.